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Fixin' To Southernism

Updated: Jan 9

When a Southerner says she’s fixin’ to do something, it means it may be today, may be tomorrow, but overall, she is going to take her sweet time to get it done. For example, I’ve been fixin’ to post this blog all day but my responsibilities at work got in the way. 

But seriously, are there things on your fixin’ to do list for 2024? Every year, I begin with setting goals. Part of this process includes creating a desktop picture peppered with words and cute images to symbolize my goals. I save the pic as my desktop background so I have daily reminders. As I hit my goals through the year, I update the picture with a check mark over each achievement. Then, I update my desktop with the checked picture. I’m a visual person so it fills me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The goals I miss, I either reevaluate or roll ever to the following year. 

Are you a goal setter? I’d love to hear what helps you. ✅

fixin' to

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