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Full as a Tick Southernism

After a week away, we arrived back home and I’m still feeling full as a tick. As gross as that Southern saying sounds it’s true. I gorged myself on Wednesday, Thursday (obviously), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thanksgiving alone consisted of breakfast, lunch, and dessert all within the span of two hours. Add to that, a Costco-size bag of Chex Mix that my father insisted I take to munch on in the car on the way home. I’m fairly certain my stomach larger than it was before all the festive foods and fun. The second pic is an after dinner pic where we were trying to walk off the feeling of being overfull.

I hope your holidays are filled with many moments of feeling full as a tick. Full of hope. Full of joy. Full of love. And, yes, full of food. ❤️

Full as a tick

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