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Quit Being Ugly - Sassy Southernisms

This is one Southernism I wish I could post on billboards and signs in thoroughfares across the country. Think Time Square. Big Texas billboards. And beyond.

"Quit being ugly," has nothing to do with physical appearance, because well, that would be mean. Besides, we're all made in God's image so who has the right to say anyone's outward appearance is ugly?

Ugly refers to attitude, behavior, inward characteristics. People who go around gossiping and slandering others—ugly. People who make fun of other people—ugly. People who criticize other people—ugly. You get the idea. Ugly is as ugly does.

An example of this may be a Southern mama saying, "Quit being ugly to your sister," when one sibling is taunting another. But don't be misguided. This behavior isn't limited to child's play. There are plenty of adults being ugly to one another. And many times the stakes are higher when adults behave ugly. We all need to follow the Golden Rule and do unto others as we'd have done to ourselves. Can I get an amen? So, this week, keep that in mind and quit being ugly. Be kind. Be encouraging. Love one another.

Quit Being Ugly Sassy Southern Saying

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