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'Til the Cows Come Home - Southernism

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Now I’m no farmer and haven’t spent any length time on a farm, but in my understanding and limited observation, cows move slowly. They typically spend their days meandering through meadows and grazing on green grass until it’s time to go back to the barn.

When a Southerner ends a sentence with “‘til the cows come home,” it’s best to settle in, because you’ll be waiting a while, possibly all day. For example, “I’ll keep writing ‘til the cows come home, and eventually land a publishing contract.”

Like cows move slowly, so does the traditional publishing industry. I mean no disrespect in that. It’s just a long waiting game. Nic keeps encouraging me to be patient and persistent, but I would love to see at least one publisher heading over the horizon soon. Prayers for favor and direction are appreciated as I wait to hear back from publishing houses who are considering my manuscript.

Until the cows come home southern sayings

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