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Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach - Southernism

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

I frequently heard this Southernism around the dinner table while growing up. My father with his slight Virginia drawl would utter these words when my sister or I would put more food on our plate than we could consume. And he pronounces the word, "stomach" as "stumuck."

While I no longer take more food than I can eat, er, except when dessert is involved, I still find myself taking on too many tasks at one time. That leaves me feeling frazzled. We all live busy, hurried lives, but it’s important to take time to rest and recharge. Hard work is wonderful, but so is rest. I try to stay intentional about taking time for a walk, or reading a book to daily refresh my spirit. I hope your week is filled with sweet moments of refreshment, and an occasional dessert. 🍰

Lord, help me not take on more than I can handle this week. May I be diligent in accomplishing what you have purposed me to do, and not take on more than needed. Let my soul find rest among upcoming challenges, knowing that You are in control. Amen.💗

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach

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