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Southern Fiction Novel

Mischief and Mayhem in a Small Southern Town (working title)

Back Cover copy:

Sometimes You Have to Lose It All to Find Yourself 


When Cate Rollins' hometown-hero husband is apprehended on embezzlement charges while attempting to flee the country with an exotic dancer on his arm, her world shatters. But after the townspeople elect her to replace him as mayor, pandemonium erupts. Once in office, Cate unravels the truth that has left the mountain town on the brink of financial ruin. Guided by her gut and her gossipy secretary, Cate endeavors to revive Gum Springs, Georgia and her independence.


Add to the tumult a crusty fisherman whose new business endeavor almost incites a riot at the Baptist church. Mix in a new resident with a secretive past. Top it off with a puzzling break-in, and you’ve got a heaping helping of mischief and mayhem. 

Small Southern Town
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