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Patience and Persistence

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

A few weeks ago when I signed with the Steve Laube Agency it was an absolute dream. Many months of waiting paid off in a contract with my first choice agent. But now... I am back to the waiting game.

My manuscript and book proposal have been sent to seven editors with various publishing houses. I don't know any of these women. In fact, most of them don't have an active online presence. So, while I am waiting, I decided the best things to do is to keep praying. I have written the names of these seven ladies on an index card and pray for them specifically every morning. I humbly ask God to give me favor with them and also pray that He will meet their needs, whatever they may be. As. much as I want to see this book and the others in the series published, I want to make sure it/they are published with the right publishing house. Now, I have my idea on who I would like that to be, but I know the Lord knows best. There is one editor in particular that would rock my flip flops off is she expressed interest. But I know that He has a plan. And my plan is to keep following Him. In the waiting. In the silence. In the seeking.

Be encouraged today, God is working in the waiting. There is a purpose in each pause.

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