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Walking in His Light: A Pre-Easter Testimony

In preparation for Easter Sunday, I read these words of Jesus from the book of John this morning. What a wonderful promise of hope that He is light in this dark world.

The day after Easter Sunday, 37 years ago, I placed my faith in Christ as my Savior. While there have been numerous trials and struggles since then, He has always remained faithful and steadfast. The wonderful thing about the Lord is that each trial has served to strengthen my faith in Him and His Word. No matter how many times I have tripped or fallen, He has never failed to pick me up, wipe off the dirt, and brush away my tears. When my soul has been prone to wonder, He's been my beacon of hope leading me in truth. He is faithful even when I am not. That is my pre-Easter testimony in a nutshell.

Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing light to the darkness, hope to the hopeless, and strength for the weary. You are faithful like no other. Thank you for loving me and faithfully leading me. Amen.

flower field with a scripture John 12:46

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