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Am I Too Late

I spent some time over the weekend soaking in Lowcountry inspiration for a new book I’m currently writing. This book is my second currently being pitched to editors at various publishing houses. The twist is, this book unlike my novel is nonfiction.

I never imagined I’d have fiction and nonfiction works looking for a home at the same time. And I hope and pray they each find one soon. While exciting, the waiting is wearying.

Some days, I wonder if I’m too late to pursue this new course in life. I keep reading that over 50 is a great time to fulfill a dream of writing due in part to much of life's experiences.. Yet, as my hair turns silver, and my middle gets wider, I find myself having to be intentional about staying focused on the experience I bring to the craft rather than the number I've attached to it (my age). Some days, it would be much easier to live in the predictable with a paycheck. But then I am reminded that we serve an in-time God of the impossible. As long as I continue to seek Him above all else, He will align my desires with His heart. And that is a perfect place to live.

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