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Cultivating Perspective: Lessons from Spring Gardening

Happy First Day of Spring! 🌷 We've been busy prepping our gardens for a summer of veggies. 🥬 🥕 🌽 🍅


Not one to let my hubby have all the fun, I took over the tiller before placing our second raised bed. As I was tearing up the ground and digging the tines into the earth to remove the weeds, I began to ask the Lord to take out any weeds trying to take root in my heart.


Weeds of discouragement. It’s tough waiting month after month to hear back from editors at publishing houses only to receive a “no.”


Weeds of discontentment. Wishing I was further ahead with my writing. Seeing successes of other writers and wishing that I could get a win too.


Weeds of doubt. Wondering if I am too late to begin a new career. Am I pursuing a fool’s errand or following God?


The most effective tiller for my heart is perspective. In other words, I need to readjust mine.


🥕 The “no’s” I’ve received all came with encouraging feedback. And I haven’t received a “no” from every editor. I am still waiting to hear back from 2.


🌽 I am where I am because this is God’s plan for my life. For me, a recent win was submitting a proposal for another book to my agent and receiving great feedback.


🍅God’s timing is not mine and His ways are not my ways. Any endeavor undertaken to use the gifts He has given is never in vain.


Lord, let this new season be filled with abundant blossoms of hope, grace, peace, and joy that encourages people around me. Weed out discouragement, discontentment, and doubt that try to choke out the joy found in daily trusting You and Your timing. Amen. 


tilling the ground




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