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Finding Your Writing Why in a World of Literary Glamour

It's easy to get discouraged and distracted by the seemingly easy success of other authors. I attended two fabulous book launches two weeks apart. Both had over 150 people in attendance and were quite the literary soiree. Southern fiction royalty was on hand as Marly Rusoff, Pat Conroy's former literary agent. She represents both authors. Southern fiction superstar Mary Alice Monroe introduced one of the authors and received praise and feedback from the other writer, even though she was unable to attend her launch. Lastly, PR woman extraordinairre, Kathie Bennett of Magic Time Literary who represents the who's who of Southern fiction mingled with attendees at the first launch. While both events were a sight to behold, one at the Charleston Literary Society and the other at the Charleston Visitor's Center, I couldn't help but feeling like a fraud.

While I am genuinely thrilled for both of these newbie authors, my writing is not comparable to theirs. I highly doubt many Christian authors are launched into the publishing world with such fanfare and accolades. I don't know that my work will ever be featured in the illustrious Buxton Books on King Street. But I do know that my call to write is every bit as valid as theirs. And, all of this excitement has caused me to consider my writing why.

Once again, I come back to this verse from Proverbs is the reason that I write. We saw this lovely fountain, pictured below, on a recent day trip to Conway, SC. It reminded me of my why. My goal with each new work that I pen is to splash refreshment on my readers and to provide a cozy retreat from their hectic lives. My focus is for every story to be filled with hope, heart, and a dash of humor. I’m about 1/3 of the way in writing a new novel. Remembering my why provides the clarity and energy to continue the work I’ve begun. It also reorients my mind to be steadfast in producing the best work I can possibly create, knowing I am working for the Lord and not for men (Col. 3:23).⛲️

What is your why? Why to do you what you do?💗


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