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He Cares

To truly grasp that God, the Author of Life, cares for us should flood our souls with overwhelming joy and peace that can scarcely be contained. Yet, often this isn't the case. So, what's the problem? For me, I easily get consumed with self-importance. Wanting to achieve my goals. Pursue my purpose. Fulfill my dreams. Anytime I shift my focus from the Lord to myself, anxiety begins to take root and robs me of peace. What if I don't fulfill my purpose? What if I don't achieve my dreams? What if I fail at the very things where I try so hard to succeed? What if? What if? This cycle of striving leaves me empty and consumed with myself. But what if I turn my attention back to Jesus? Then the what if I's become the what if He's. What if He leads me to dispense grace and kindness to someone in need of hope today? What if He moves mountains that I cannot even comprehend? What if He wants me to be still and stop striving? 1 Peter 5:7 has been a refrigerator magnet verse for me. It's one that I've easily rattled off when I try to encourage someone else. But reflecting on the truth contained in these words leaves me awestruck. He cares for me. He cares for you. We are not alone. The Prince of Peace cares for us. Lord, help my mind rest in the truth that You care for me. You don't care for me based what I accomplish or achieve. You care for me because I am your daughter, precious and loved. Let the peace of Your Word permeate my soul today. Amen.


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