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Be Ready, Willing, & Able

When I arrived at work today,, a woman on the street approached me. She showed me a hospital bracelet on her arm, said she was just discharged, and asked if I would be willing to give her $5. She explained that the money was to go towards paying for the 14 prescriptions called in by the hospital physician. I explained that I don't carry cash. She looked in my eyes and said, "I just need my 14 prescriptions. I'm embarrassed to ask people, but everyone tells me the same thing. Nobody can help. It's 14 prescriptions for $14." Looking at this woman it was evident that she was tired. Desperate. Broken. Yet, she was also created in the image of God. From the worn slippers on her feet to the grey hairs poking out from her knit hat, she was dearly loved by Jesus. I wondered if this was the Lord giving me an opportunity to put into action my words and prayer from earlier that morning. "Jesus, is this from you?" I prayed silently. Immediately, words tumbled from my lips as I told her that I would meet her at the CVS across the street. I waited in line while she rested on a chair near the pharmacy counter. When I got to the front, she walked over and gave the pharmacist her details. As he scanned the 14 prescriptions I became concerned thinking there was no way that all those medications could add up to a meager $14. Waiting, I prayed. "Lord, show me what to do. I can't pay hundreds of dollars for this woman's medications." Within minutes, the pharmacist said that the total was $14.89. With one card swipe, I felt relief and Evelyn felt thankful she'd gotten her medicine. She made her way back to the chair and tucked her prescriptions down between the papers and clothing in her two bags. I shared with her that earlier that day I asked the Lord to give me an opportunity to love people so I knew that He wanted me to help her. Then, taking her hands in mine, we bowed our heads and I prayed. After recommending a nearby church, I made my way back to the office. As the cross is visible through the flowers in this pic, it can also be seen our lives. God will use anyone willing.

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