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Writing from an early age

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

On a visit to my childhood home, I found this gem tucked in a dresser drawer. It reminded me of the calling I've felt my entire life, but until now, haven't been able to pursue. I believe God creates each individual with a unique set of gifts and talents to enable them to fulfill a specific purpose. Yet, life has a way of twists and turns that lead us on journeys we could've never imagined in our younger years. As I am writing this, the grey skies looming outside my office signal that a change in seasons is on the way. For many years, I believed my season to pursue a career as a writer had passed. Yet, my current situation has afforded me not only the opportunity to write my first novel, but to pursue the avenue of publishing it as well. I hope you will be inspired by my journey to realize it's never too late to pivot and pursue the calling placed inside of you by your Creator.

child's book of poems

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