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Navigating Faith and Uncertainty in Pursuit of Writing Dreams

I recently made a change in the trajectory of my career. Through prayer and petition it seemed like this was/is the right choice. I left my full-time office job to pivot to full-time writing. After signing with an agent, the realization hit me that I have more days behind me than ahead. So, cognizant of the ticking clock, here I am. At home. Alone. Me and my keyboard. This is a step of faith for an extrovert, I assure you.

I resigned on January 2nd. My last official day was January 16th. Now, here I am waiting for a book contract. Hoping an editor at one of the publishing houses will fall I love with my first novel. Asking the Lord to open doors for me to use the gifts He has given me to encourage others and to glorify Him. As eight months of waiting to hear back from publishers is approaching, I am battling discouragement. How do I maintain my fervor while wondering if anyone will ever read anything I've written?

I have read all the Bible verses on waiting. I have even written some of them on note cards as reminders. But it is still difficult. I was reminded on Sunday that sometimes God waits to answer our prayers until He knows we are fully committed to the outcome. This rang true in my heart. I want to be fully committed to the Lord and whatever His plans are for me. He knows my heart. He knows when I am ready. So, if I must wait, then wait I must. Lord, give me grace to wait on You.

Have you recently stepped out in faith? Are you trusting God to show up when you still see no signs of Him working? Keep walking. One step at a time. One moment at a time. One day at a time. This is faith. 💗

Are you in a season of waiting? How can I be praying for you? 🙏


faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase quote

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