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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

My final edit is back from my editor - finally! As I've been reading through her comments on Track Changes, I've been caught somewhere between feeling encouraged and frustrated. Her commentary endorses the humor in the story, which delights me. She also mentioned looking forward to seeing it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble one day. However, there are plenty of other comments pertaining to mistakes in relation to point of view. Apparently, it's a common issue for first time authors, but I expected myself to be further along in the process, to have a better understanding. Truthfully, I believed that my skill level was more advanced than it actually is. After all, I've written copy for various websites and marketing campaigns. Additionally, I've written a column for a small town newspaper. Yet, why is it, I muddied up things when it comes to point of view in my novel? Working through her corrections has not been an easy process because I'm prone to focus on the mistakes and ignore the praises. In fact, I allow the correction to eradicate any positives. Perhaps it's because I tend to be exceptionally hard on myself, almost demanding perfection.

So, how do I move forward? Do I throw in the towel and chalk it up to one more goal I've accomplished? Do I ignore the correction, stiffen my neck, and go the self-publishing route, determined to show the world that I am, indeed, a writer? Or do I continue to work through the edits page by page humbly learning with each notation? While it is certainly not easy, I am going to continue to persevere, to make the necessary corrections to my novel and to eventually query agents. That is the path I believe the Lord has called me to walk on at this time.

So, by God's grace, I will continue onward in my journey towards getting my novel published traditionally. And one day, I hope to see my name on the spine of a book right next to Ann B. Ross in the Southern fiction section.

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