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My first step towards publishing

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Initially, I believed I could handle the editing process on my own. How hard can it be? I've proofread and edited copy, after all. Wrong! Fiction is a completely different animal altogether. All the rules drilled into my head as a technical writer, are not necessarily applicable in this genre. Tired of watching me labor over too many edits to count,, my wonderful husband suggested I look into hiring a professional. He knows I'm a perfectionist, and left to my own devices, I'd convince myself it would never be good enough for others. So, I have taken his wise advice.

And I'm thrilled to write, that after much prayer, I believe the Lord has directed me to a professional editor who is perfect for my project! However, her client work is so expansive that she has a five month, yes, I said, five month waiting list! So, in the meantime, I will continue to glean as much as possible from books on the craft of writing fiction. Though I am eager to get up and running and put my baby out in the world, I'm reminded that God's timing is best. If it requires waiting, then wait, I must. After all, isn't patience a fruit of the Spirit ;)

rough drafts of author manuscript

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