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On Pins and Needles

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I submitted my first chapter to my editor last week. After three days had passed and I received no confirmation of submission, So, I sent a follow-up email to be certain the first went through. For a total of four days, I had no word or indication on the status of my baby.

My mind always reverts to worst-care scenarios, especially in new situations. I thought perhaps, I hadn't heard because the chapter is so dreadful, that she didn't know how to break it to me. So for days and even nights while sleeping, I chewed up my bottom lip out of total nervousness. My husband kept telling me to be patient, but my eagerness and enthusiasm combined with anxiety overtook me, I began feeling so glum and downcast, wondering if I'd just spent the past year wasting my time on the pipe dream of becoming a writer.

But finally, after five days, I received word from my editor. She has just returned from a month long vacation and hadn't had a moment to even peruse my chapter. That alleviated my nerves quite a bit. I am still a little nervous about hearing from her this week, but excited as well! I will post an update when I have one. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe to join me on my journey towards publication.

Needles and pins

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