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Patience is a virtue

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

While patience may indeed be a virtue, as well as a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5), I don't like it! I've been waiting for over a week to hear back from the editor I have been working with. She had suggested a couple of days we could chat on the phone. I responded immediately, letting her know I can work around her schedule. However, those days she suggested have come and gone. Additionally, she's asked me to clarify my desires and expectations on the project three separate times. At this point, I'm wondering why she never bothered to read through our email feeds rather than repeatedly asking. So, now, I'm wondering what to do. She emailed me yesterday (finally) and apologized for getting too involved in an automotive project with her husband which consumed more time than she'd thought it would. Yet, I can't help but wonder, why it took over a week for her to reach out to me after I agreed to a call to discuss my novel.

In the meantime, I have contacted two other editors. They both seem enthusiastic and also have excellent track records. Per one of their requests, I submitted my first five pages yesterday morning and haven't heard back yet. My mind races wondering if the opening is so bad that she doesn't want to tell me? It's that pesky self-doubt rearing it's head around every turn. But more than likely, my novel is simply not her top priority. And I don't blame her. She's looking over my work for free and sending it back with her thoughts. Ultimately, she may receive nothing in return for her time. Yet, I'm so eager to continue moving forward, I can hardly stand it!

So, I wrestle with the decision of staying with editor 1, while I wait to hear back from editor 2. All the while my angst over having wasted months writing a book that is no good, is lingering in the recesses of my mind.

Lord, please help me to praise You in the waiting. Give me grace to fully trust Your plans and Your timing for my novel. Once again, I give my project over to You, the marvelous Creator of everything.

patience in a virtue

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