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The Power of Love

Yesterday morning I was sweeping the walkway in front of my office and was startled when a man started yelling. His obscenity-laden comments were directed at another man who had just walked past me. Against my better judgment, I stayed outside and watched as the irate man waved his hands over his head and continued shouting horrible taunts to the other man.

It made my heart sad. Normally my response to a person walking by would be to offer a smile. But there weren't enough smiles on the planet that would've had a calming effect on this furious man. I don’t recall ever witnessing an outburst of anger like that. It was almost like venom spewed from the man's mouth and fire shot from his eyes. What could cause rage to completely consume someone, I wondered.

Then it hit me. Love. He lacks love. Where love is absent, hatred abounds. And the vitriolic display I witnessed was unadulterated hatred. It chilled me to the core to look at the face of someone ravaged by such immense pain that his humanity was almost absent.

So, I pray for that man. Lord, have mercy on him. Place someone in his life to show him there is a better way. Where there is anger, let it be replaced with Your love and peace. Amen.

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