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Third Time's A Charm?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I found THE agent that I desperately want to represent my work. She appears to be both down to earth and brilliant, and she has a mission to help writers achieve their publishing dreams. I believe she would be an incredible partner that would help me grow. In other words, this agent is exactly who I've been looking to represent me.

So, all week long I've been working on my query letter to her. After asking my husband and my sister to read it through, I hit "send" late this afternoon. While I realize that Friday isn't most likely the ideal time to query an agent, I was ready. For me, I have to know that I've done everything within my ability to craft the best letter possible. I also have to prepare myself mentally to believe it's possible that I may receive a request for the entire manuscript. Or it's possible that I may get a response that my novel is not what they're looking for at this time. I guess it's a hope for the best, plan for the worst scenario.

This is the third agent I've queried and the one I am most interested in working with. Hopefully, third time's a charm. So, I wait for a green light or a red light. What will happen? I wish I knew. But I can say that taking the time to write and re-write this query letter had given me another opportunity to learn and grow as a writer.

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