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Truths from Pooh

The sweet truths in Winnie-the-Pooh have resonated with readers for almost a century. This morning, I am challenged by the reflections of the tiniest character in the series—Piglet.

According recent polls taken by the American Psychological Association, 64% of Americans believe the COVID-19 pandemic has stolen major life moments they will never get back. Add to that, a whopping 68% who feel defeated as a result of the microscopic virus that packed a gargantuan punch.

Truth be told, I've battled discouragement and disillusionment over the past two years as well. Life is hard. That fact is indisputable. But, God is good. Not in a trite, cliche way. God's goodness is His very character. I am learning that the key to pushing past the downers in life is to focus on that truth by filling my tiny heart with thankfulness.

On this second day of November, I give thanks for the ability to recognize the good things in life. I've realized some people cannot see the good for all the bad. So, I am thankful for the eyes of faith that permit me to see the goodness of God in spite of circumstances (Psalm 27:13).

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