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Working Girl

Since moving to Charleston, I've taken a full-time position in Business Development and Marketing with a local company. It has provided an opportunity to spend time out of the house and around people but it's also proving challenging to my writing endeavors. In addition to living in temporary housing until our home is closed, adapting to a traditional 9-5 office setting leaves my brain feeling weary.

Every day I'm working to post fresh content on Instagram. I am trying to keep my creative juices going so I can outline and notate ideas for the next two books I am working on. Additionally, I'm trying to figure out how to compose an interesting query letter to literary agents and which agents to query.

Now, please don't misunderstand me, these aren't complaints, just a snippet of my current situation. I remind myself that many other authors hold full-time jobs while writing. Many others burn the midnight oil trying to channel their creativity onto the written page. And I'm quite certain that many spend time composing while sitting on the couch next to their spouse, like I am now.

Lord, give me the strength to do all that You have placed in my heart. Help me prioritize my days and make the most of the time you give me each day.

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