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Write with all freedom. Edit with no mercy.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

So, I thought the hard part was behind me. Writing over 70,000 words was a bit daunting. But now, the continued editing process is even more of a challenge. For the past week, I have set aside my manuscript and focused on the three books shown in the picture below. I had read two of them previously, but decided it was time to refresh my brain before delving into the third edit. My hope is that I can edit the first five pages well enough to submit them to a contest with the Association for Christian Fiction Writers. The deadline for submissions is a couple of weeks away. The tricky part for me is overthinking the edits I've already made. I tend to second and third and fourth guess myself, especially when I'm tackling a new project, such a this one. I'll continue to update this blog as progress is made. And hopefully, I'll have some good news to share as I navigate the world of writing and publishing. Thanks for reading!

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